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The Lancashire United roundal is available as a lapel badge with all profits going to LUT Society funds.
CLICK HERE for details.


Do you have an interest in Lancashire United? Then why not join us?

Plans include setting up a permanent base for the Society; the acquisition of LUT vehicles and possibly an LUT Running Day.

You will receive a quarterly newsletter, detailing the progress of the Society in achieving its aims, along with various interesting snippets. There will also be trips to rallies on ex-LUT buses for members.

Membership is just £15 per annum (or £10 if under 16 or over 60).
The Society would benefit more by making a monthly donation - CLICK HERE to check out the details - you will automatically receive complimentary membership.

If you would like to become a member of the Lancashire United Transport Society please CLICK HERE for the Membership Form.
(NOTE: You can type in the required fields using your PC keyboard).

You can pay ONLINE using your credit or debit card by clicking on the buttons below.

Payments are processed by PayPal but you do NOT need to sign up for an account (select the 'I do not have an account' option).

For FULL membership (between the ages of 16 and 60) the cost is £15 per annum. Click the button below.

For SENIOR membership (from your 60th birthday onward) the cost is £10 per annum. Click the button below.

Please note that any payment you make will not be taken from you annually - you will have to renew your subscription by visiting these pages again.



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