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To Download the
Standing Order Form
(Note: in PDF Format)






Pledge a pound a week to help the Lancashire United Transport Society.

With regular income the LUT Society will be able to plan ahead and enter into contracts and arrangements for the purchase and storage of vehicles confident that we will have the necessary finance available when we need it. This is important for the safekeeping of our growing collection and our future existence.

I am sure you know how secure you feel in the knowledge that you will have some form of income to rely on each week a wage or a pension and are able to plan for the future with confidence because of this.

When you think about it - what can you buy for a pound these days??? A few cigarettes??? Half a pint of beer??? If you can afford to do without just one of these luxuries each week then you can pledge that amount to help the LUT Society plan ahead.

By making a pledge you will receive complimentary membership of the LUT Society for as long as you continue with your donation you are not required to pay the Membership Fee, although you are free to do this if you wish.

If you would like to pledge a pound a week please download and complete the Standing Order Form. If you are prepared to donate more than a pound a week (which equates to £4 per month) then please feel free to enter whatever amount you can afford.

Completed Standing Order forms should be returned in the first instance to: Peter Gould, Hon. Sec. LUT Society, PO Box 342, BURY, Lancashire, BL9 9WS.



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